Wednesday, September 16, 2009

september vintage for real...

what a grand time we had last weekend

measuring & laughing

looking & choosing

playing with paper & ribbon

learning new techniques & being inspired
(it is with my head held low that i admit
that i have no pictures of
our teacher michelle actually teaching...
this is a crying shame because
these were the first two classes that
she has ever taught & she did a great job!
i'm hoping that someone else from
the class took a shot or two of her that
i might be able to swipe...pretty please?)

gluing & giggling

creating & munching
(the m&m's are never far away)

supplies, vintage & brand spankin' new

sharing about what we collect & hunt for

yep, just all of us together...

tiny ones...

younger ones...
(thanks, sam :)

all of us!

(first session)
hooray kim! :)

(second session)

so fun!
the next day was the coburg antique fair
& you can read all about it on these blogs:

kismet art
hold dear
ali edwards
emily ruth wonders

mark your calendars
for next year
& the year after that
& the year after that...
(it's always the weekend after labor day
come play on saturday
coburg on sunday
a weekend bursting with creative & vintage inspiration :)

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