Tuesday, November 17, 2009

come play holiday: we three blings

this year our holiday classes are full of options & choices
always good things right?
you can choose to take one, two or all three projects
& no matter what
it's going to be full of fun,
& joy...
affordability & joy?
bring it on!

saturday december 5

project one: wearable bling
our good friend sarah has been at come play
from the beginning & we just love her...
last year she brought these adorable necklaces
for the creative boutique & they were a major hit!
we are soooo lucky that she agreed to come
teach us how to make them this year...
(don't worry, she will still have some to buy in the boutique
in case you only want to make one yourself :)

project two: banner bling
our own, miss jill, is going to show you how to make
this super-bling-tabulous banner...
the really sweet thing about this is that you
get to personalize it with any word you want
(there are enough tags in each kit for 7 letters, but you can
buy an extra kit if you need more)...
this banner will look so great any place you
need to add a little sparkle...
& who doesn't need a little sparkle?

project three: daily bling
i'm going to get you going on next year
with a calendar that you can keep for yourself
or make as a gift...
& you can choose to use photos or
do some collage or a little of both!
we'll have some fun :)

you will get a kit with enough supplies to
make one of each project
& then we will all have more kits for you to purchase
so that you can make more for gifts & decorations...

each project takes approximately 45 minutes...
after you sign up through paypal i will email you
& find out which project you would like to take &
tell you what time your project is being taught...

tricia will be there with the always awesome
cocoa daisy kits & add ons...
& ali's going to stop by for a while, too!
so, the gang will all be there :)

we will also have our usual yummy treats
& the creative boutique will be open & sparkling like crazy!
so fun...

so price wise here's the scoop:
one project $25
two projects $50
all three projects $70
any which way you get
delicious treats
all day access to the creative boutique
& loads of fun with crafty friends!

you can sign up right up there in the upper
right hand corner (see it up there waving? :)
there are options for one, two or three projects

hope you can join us!
we are going to have such a fun day...
we'll have three projects to work on
& jingle all the way :)

let me know if you have any questions...
& be sure to have a wonderful day!
emily :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

september vintage for real...

what a grand time we had last weekend

measuring & laughing

looking & choosing

playing with paper & ribbon

learning new techniques & being inspired
(it is with my head held low that i admit
that i have no pictures of
our teacher michelle actually teaching...
this is a crying shame because
these were the first two classes that
she has ever taught & she did a great job!
i'm hoping that someone else from
the class took a shot or two of her that
i might be able to swipe...pretty please?)

gluing & giggling

creating & munching
(the m&m's are never far away)

supplies, vintage & brand spankin' new

sharing about what we collect & hunt for

yep, just all of us together...

tiny ones...

younger ones...
(thanks, sam :)

all of us!

(first session)
hooray kim! :)

(second session)

so fun!
the next day was the coburg antique fair
& you can read all about it on these blogs:

kismet art
hold dear
ali edwards
emily ruth wonders

mark your calendars
for next year
& the year after that
& the year after that...
(it's always the weekend after labor day
come play on saturday
coburg on sunday
a weekend bursting with creative & vintage inspiration :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

come play: september vintage

you love to play with new techniques right?
& hang out with cool, creative people?
munch on yummy treats? yes?
& you wouldn't complain if we wanted to throw in
a kit bulging with an awesome mix of products?
what about a little early morning field trip to hunt for vintage treasures?
am i speaking your language yet?
here's the scoop:

saturday & sunday
september 12 & 13
in eugene, oregon


two to choose from
2pm to 5pm
6pm to 9pm

ali & tricia put this kit together at cha
so you know it is filled with new, cool products
& it's an ali kit so her signature style will be all over it...
there is no doubt you will love this kit!
(ali is going to bring the pages that she
made with the kit, to give you a little inspiration boost :)
our super talented friend, michelle geller
is going to teach us how to make
the coolest little souvenir journal...
you will learn how to create covers & signatures of paper
& a cool binding technique
that you will be able to use over & over in the future...
you will use the cocoa daisy kit that ali designed plus
some goodies that jill & michelle will provide
(hello, bonus kit! jill has a peek of this on her blog)
such a great project!

tricia will have a cute little table
stocked with lots of past & current cocoa daisy kits
(full kits & add ons, hooray!)
she always has so much great stuff
you will want to bring some spending money for sure!

(note: the full creative boutique will not be open this time
but we will have it fluffed & glowing at our holiday event
in december, so keep an eye out for that :)

as always
we will have goodies to munch on
sweets & seasonal fruit
(in jill's yummy house, too, of course:)


vintage field trip!
coburg antique fair!
so much fun!
streets filled with booths brimming with vintage goodies
oh! it is so great!
we will meet at 6am
coffee in hand, eager smiling faces
ready to tackle the bargains :)
we all kind-of split up into little two or threes
& then at 9am (or so)
we will meet up for breakfast
& show & tell
this was so fun last year...
i loved seeing what everyone found
& hearing people talking
'should i go back & get _______?'
(yes! get it! :)
can't wait!


sleep over!
thinking about going to the coburg field trip but
not sure if you can drag yourself out
of your warm bed that early sunday morning?
let us do it for you!
spend the night at jill's house
& we will all rise & shine together!
we will get ready, get on the road
& get excited about what we will find!
there are a limited number of beds & then
we will start blowing up air matresses...
& besides having a great sunday morning wake-up call
it's a sleep-over!
super fun, very tame (no toothpaste between the toes, we promise!)
& perfect way to make it a
full girlie, creative, weekend just for you!

saturday sessions cost $80
(includes class, kit, snacks)
if you want to sleep over add $10

if you are all set & ready to sign up
just go right over there to the
upper right hand corner
& you can do it through paypal

okie doke!
all four of us (five including michelle:)
are super excited about seeing you this year...
hope you will join us for an unforgettable weekend
of creativity, shopping, vintage, friends & joy!
ps (there always has to be a ps!)
let me know of you have any questions!

Monday, June 8, 2009

croppin' on...

what a fun day we had on saturday!
the crop was just fun from beginning to end
a few people rocked the entire day from 9am to 9pm
(go amy & michelle!)
& other girlies made shorter appearances
but they were no less wonderful to play with :)
(hope your date was fun, kim:)

the boutique was full
& we had people stopping by to shop all day
(fun to see you, jess & lisa & andria! :)
which i love!

the day did not go as planned
& i'm so glad for that!
usually we put food out
& let people just eat when they want to
where they want to...
but there were only six of us left at dinner time
& so we all ate together at the table
in jill's cute kitchen...
(emily ruth cooks calzone:)

michelle & amy both wrote really great things about
our dinner together on their blogs
& so i will just say
that i am so thankful for a group of ladies
who just decided to let go
& share from their hearts...
difficult experiences to start & hilarious ones to end :)
i know it has something to do with scrapbooking...
we are used to expressing ourselves
outside of ourselves
(usually on cardstock, but you know...:)
it was just a really neat way to end the day
& for sure we will add eating dinner all together
to the schedule for next years summer crop
mark your calendar :)

all of the pictures here were swiped from michelle's blog
(thanks michelle!)
isn't this a cute one?


the last four standing :)

(me, amy, jill & michelle)

so thanks, to kim, amy, michelle, tina, leauriy & rebecca
for sharing such a great day...
thanks, girls!

& of course, jill :)
i love creating these fun events with you, dear!
you are awesome!


& for those of you interested
our super fun september come play is being planned right now
there will be cocoa daisy kits
& some great instruction
& of course the coburg antique fair
(6am on sunday...woohoo!)
come play is september 12
& coburg is the 13th...
mark your calendars
& look for more info in your in box
& here!


Friday, May 15, 2009

summer croppin'

is anyone ready to get some projects done?
i know i am!
so on that note
we are gonna start the summer off right
with a nice long, fun filled crop...

saturday, june 6
full day 9am-9pm
or half day
at jill's always cute house in eugene
$40 full day
$25 half day

come play with us
& bring what you need to get done:
pages, books, sewing projects, knitting
thank you notes, cards

the creative boutique will be open to the public at 10am
so that means that you will get first choice from 9-10
to shop shop shop
& of course you can shop all day
we will keep a tab for you
& then you just pay at the end...
easy peasy...

throughout the day we will have drawings
& games & quizzes (we won't pressure you to play if you don't want to:)
for prizes & discounts in the boutique...

when you come play with us
you will get:
~a space of your own all day long
~lunch (diy sandwiches & local fruit)
~dinner (personal, homemade calzone & salad)
~yummy snacks
~individual goodie bags (each one is different!)
~cool crafty people to hang out with
~discounts & fun
~12 hours to get some things done!

if you pay the entire $40 or $25 crop fee when you sign up
you get 20% off all scrapbook items in the boutique!

there is also a payment option for
$20 now to reserve your spot
& then $20 (or $5) at the crop...
whichever option works best for you!

i hope you will be able to join us
i know i'm super excited to finish up
a project or two
(& start some new ones of course:)

you can pay right here
in the upper right corner of the sidebar
& then email me
to reserve your spot

hope you can join us!
it will be a fun day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

come play eugene: valentine paper potluck

february 7
our first annual
valentine making
& paper potluck event!

a little kit of goodies
two little classes
some yummy little treats
a little trading & sharing
a little bit of shopping
& a nice little price

come over...
to jill's house
& make valentines!
jill & i will each teach a fun technique & project
to use for valentines or any project!
we will both teach at both sessions
so you can just choose the time that's best for you

come share...
the potluck part is this:
each person is asked to bring
a shoe box full of things
you don't use, need or just want to share...
& we will take turns digging through
each others boxes for treasures!
(you can bring more than a shoe box full if you want to
we won't complain:)
after our time together we will donate
the things that are left
to a great cause
(well, we want to anyway...
if you know of a great cause that could use some supplies
please let me know
we would love to share!)

come nibble...
as always we will have yummy snacks
to keep your creative energy up
(at least that's what i tell myself as i
snack on peanut m&m's while i'm being crafty:)

come get...
a little kit with fun bits & baubles
to use on projects of all sorts

come shop...
we will have a petite creative boutique this time
just a few things
that you just might not be able to live with out
come see the details...
there are two sessions
& 6pm-9pm
at jill's house in eugene, oregon
(i will send directions if you need them when you sign up)

come sign up...
email me
which session you would like to sign up for
& pay through paypal
(in the upper right corner)
you can pay a deposit of $10
or the entire $25 amount
if that's better for you

come on along...
if you know of someone who might
like to join us
please send them the link to this page
we want to share the fun with everyone who
wants to play:)

come ask me questions...
i do love to hear from you
so lay it on me
whatever you need to know
that i didn't address
or didn't address in an understandable way
(it has been known to happen:)

can't wait to play...