Monday, June 8, 2009

croppin' on...

what a fun day we had on saturday!
the crop was just fun from beginning to end
a few people rocked the entire day from 9am to 9pm
(go amy & michelle!)
& other girlies made shorter appearances
but they were no less wonderful to play with :)
(hope your date was fun, kim:)

the boutique was full
& we had people stopping by to shop all day
(fun to see you, jess & lisa & andria! :)
which i love!

the day did not go as planned
& i'm so glad for that!
usually we put food out
& let people just eat when they want to
where they want to...
but there were only six of us left at dinner time
& so we all ate together at the table
in jill's cute kitchen...
(emily ruth cooks calzone:)

michelle & amy both wrote really great things about
our dinner together on their blogs
& so i will just say
that i am so thankful for a group of ladies
who just decided to let go
& share from their hearts...
difficult experiences to start & hilarious ones to end :)
i know it has something to do with scrapbooking...
we are used to expressing ourselves
outside of ourselves
(usually on cardstock, but you know...:)
it was just a really neat way to end the day
& for sure we will add eating dinner all together
to the schedule for next years summer crop
mark your calendar :)

all of the pictures here were swiped from michelle's blog
(thanks michelle!)
isn't this a cute one?


the last four standing :)

(me, amy, jill & michelle)

so thanks, to kim, amy, michelle, tina, leauriy & rebecca
for sharing such a great day...
thanks, girls!

& of course, jill :)
i love creating these fun events with you, dear!
you are awesome!


& for those of you interested
our super fun september come play is being planned right now
there will be cocoa daisy kits
& some great instruction
& of course the coburg antique fair
(6am on sunday...woohoo!)
come play is september 12
& coburg is the 13th...
mark your calendars
& look for more info in your in box
& here!