Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i have already read a few great blog posts about
the coburg antique fair
so instead of rewriting my own blog post
i'm just going to give you some links
then you can see many perspectives:)

if you want to see some more coburg fun
check these girls out...
ali edwards
on the road less traveled
life's rich pageant
pens & needles (love the name of this blog:)
i wonder sometimes...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

oh what a weekend!


thanks to all of you who made the weekend so great!
everyone who came was so wonderful...
not a dud in the bunch:)

(coburg antique fair pics coming soon...)

check back soon for info on our november event
it's going to be a biggy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

come play & vintage field trip...

i am so excited to finally get to tell you about
our september come play event!

on saturday september 6
we will have two sessions to choose from

jill has a great project for us to make
(sneak peek up above)
using the cocoa daisy october kit
there will be yummy treats
time to play, socialize or just hang out
& lots of fun!

we were going to include ali's new book
Sharing Your Story: Recording Life's Details with Mini Books
in the price of the class but
i heard from a few people that they had already preordered it
so we are going to have copies available
& make the price of the sessions lower
& who doesn't like a lower price?
if you would like to buy a book at the session
(the price for a book is $20)
please let me know when you sign up
& we will have one ready for you!

we are going to set ali up at a cute little table
(or maybe a nice comfy chair for her preggo tummy:)
& she will sign copies of her book just for you
so bring a book or two:)
ali is also going to bring some of the mini books she created
for the book so that you can see them in real life...
hello! inspiring!

tricia will bring some add on & past kits
that you can buy
if you just can't get enough:)

then sunday:
field trip!
we will wake up before the sun
& head out to the coburg antique fair!
we will have a meet up spot for the early birds
(we're talking 6am, girls, so drive through for your coffee & come out:)
for those who would like a bit more sleep
& are confident that their treasures will wait for them
come out whenever you want to!
i will have my cell phone & we will all find each other!
at around 10 we will meet in the food area
& have a brunchy (or second breakfast) show & tell!
it will be so fun to see what everyone found!
& it will give you that little time you need to
decide if you should go back for that adorable
vintage quilt that would be perfect in the guest room
(i say go for it!:)
after show & tell & nibbles of muffins (or whatever they have there)
you can decide if you want to continue on the hunt
or head home for a nap
with your car full of fabulous finds:)

not sure about your hunting abilities?
lucky for us we have someone
with mad antiquing skills:)
on saturday at each session
jill will give a little talk with tips & tricks for
finding treasures,
some good tools to bring with you
& ways to tell if you really want to spend your money on that little figurine
or if you should save it for the jar of buttons in
the booth next door:)
if you have seen her house
you know she is so good at picking unique & beautiful things...
it will be so great to have inside info from an expert thrifter!

the price for this playtime is $65
& this time around we are requiring a deposit
of $25 to hold your spot...
first head right over to the top of the sidebar
& click on 'pay now'
(this our first try using paypal
so please let me know if there are any glitches:)

then email me to let me know which session
you would like to attend
& if you would like to buy ali's book

this is going to be super fun!
it's so great to get out & about with other creative people...
i hope you will come play with us!

have a great day...

Friday, August 8, 2008

it's coming...

does anyone need a little time to be creative?
a little time to relax?
a little bit of new stuff?
a little time to hang out?
a little time to to play?

us too:)

we are working on one little detail right now
& when that is taken care of
we will post all of the information on our next
come play weekend
& it's going to be extra fun
(two days of fun even!)

so come back
& see us
& get all the details
& sign up
& come play!

ps. okay, i can't leave you with no info
cause that's just mean
so here's a little bit...
september 6
two sessions to choose from
september 7
antique & vintage treasure hunt
oh & the session fee includes
copy of someone's new book

are you ready yet?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

come play june...

i have finally recovered from our june playtime
it was a nice thing to recover from
much better than pneumonia or something:)
what a blast we had
so many great girls!
so many fun projects!
so many things to buy!

i get to announce our raffle winner
becky troxil!
hooray becky!
she gets the whole passport collection from making memories
delivered to her door!
good stuff...

a few images from two of our sessions
(note to self: when organizing an event
full of artsy ladies
make sure the batteries in your camera are charged!
thankfully paula had a few pictures from friday
(thanks paula!)
we just didn't do a whole group shot...
sorry friday night girls!
the memories will live on in our hearts:)

in a nut shell...

saturday morning crew

saturday afternoon bunch...a weekend full of cuteness i tell you...

thanks, girls
for coming with excitement
being willing to try something new
& just being so darn fun:)

thanks to everyone involved in this little endeavor
(manufacturers, friends, families)
we are having fun trying new things
& learning along the way:)

& another big thank you to
everyone who drove (or flew)
out of your zip code to come play with us
we are honored that you would take time
to come over...

we have a new picture up there on the sidebar
aprons & all

come back soon...
i will be announcing all of the details
for our september come play time!
i am so excited for it
i can't wait to share!

see you soon...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sneak peek...

some great ephemera that jill has been preparing

& a super cool thing!
Making Memories has generously given us
a complete set of their passport collection
the collection that was the starting point for ali’s kit…
we will have a drawing & give the entire collection away this weekend!
everyone will be entered in the drawing one time
but if you were the reason that someone else attended the class
you will get another chance in the drawing!
i have all of the emails that i received from everyone
so if you mentioned someone else’s name
& they are coming too
you are entered in once twice or three times
(actually shelly, who friday night girls will get to play with, invited four people who are coming! plus she is attending
so she will have five chances to win!)
& even though we are coming up on the play time quick
there are still a few spots open for Saturday morning & Saturday afternoon
so let your friends know
& have them mention your name…
you could be rolling in the supplies very soon:)
(email me:

see you all soon...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

june playtime...

june 20 or 21
come to eugene
& play with a very special Cocoa Daisy kit
designed by our dear ali edwards
full of her favorite things...
she chose everything in this july kit
(that's right you'll be one of the first ones to get the july kit!)
& bonus!
you will also get a super cool
Tinkering Ink Peekabook Chipboard & Acrylic Album
that ali chose with a great mini book project in mind...
she will start off our time with some instructions
& then let you loose to start your own project
throughout the session we will
give tips & instructions on some new techniques
that you might like to try...

your playdate will also include
*a spacious place to play with your kit located
in jill's always adorably decorated home
*drawings for cool products
*the time to hang out with other creative kids like you!
too fun!

you will have plenty of time to shop through
the new creative boutique
full of great products at amazing prices...
tricia always brings loads of good stuff
& jill displays it so beautifully...
we are excited for it to have a room of it's own this time!

& while you are playing with all of the crafty goodness
you will be working up quite an appetite right?
i certainly hope so
because we've got some great food for you...
friday night & saturday afternoon our sweet helpers
will serve you homemade shortcake covered in local fresh fruit
& your choice of a lovely wine or fresh squeezed lemonade to go with it...
if you will be with us saturday morning you will find
a yummy egg casserole (vegetarian or meaty:)
& your choice of sangria, freshly squeezed orange juice or good good coffee
all served on jills awesome collection of vintage dishes

(i know! more! you can't believe it can you?)
you will also get to take home
full color instructions
of the ali designed project
& a goody bag full of great products!

here are the details

there are three sessions available
session one: friday june 20 6pm-9pm
session two: saturday june 21 9am-noon
session three: saturday june 21 2pm-5pm

each session will be exactly the same
(except for the food choices that i mentioned above)

the cost is $85
which includes
the cocoa daisy july kit
(a $42 value!)
tinkering ink album
great food
time to play
access to the creative boutique
(the products you choose there are added to your bill, of course:)
a goody bag
& lots of fun, naturally:)

email me
if you are interested
(& how could you not be interested?:)
or ready to sign up...

the sessions are first come first served
or in this case
first emailed first served:)

& if you know some other creative types
send them this link...
we always love to meet new artsy kids:)

i look forward to seeing some of you again
& meeting others that i have only heard about
(don't worry! it was all good!)

let's make art!