Sunday, November 14, 2010

the boutique doors will be wide open for fun holiday shopping...
full of vintage treasures &
wonderful handmade items...

holiday creative boutique
525 sterling, eugene, or

saturday november 20, 9am-5pm

see you there!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

vintage love: coburg, year 4...

oh the joy of coburg!

great design...

hilarious stuff...

awesome style...

cool ideas...

sweet vintage finds...

wonderful girls...

every year...
so much fun!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

come play september: vintage bits & pieces

Come Play with us!
September 11 & 12, 2010

Saturday join us for an afternoon of vintage, crafty fun
& then Sunday an entire day filled with treasure hunting
at the most wonderful 'Coburg Antique Fair'!

A vintage weekend of your dreams...

(my fonts & point sizes are totally wonked out... so sorry!)

Session One:
A Charmed Life Bracelet
with Michelle Geller

Using basic jewelry-making techniques, you will create a unique,
fun and personalized charm bracelet full of vintage items and found
objects. This bracelet is sure to be a conversation starter and will
be an attention getter every time you move your wrist and it makes
that glorious jingly jangly noise!

You will learn basic wire wrapping techniques as well as a few
tips and ideas to turn random, found objects into perfect charms.

The class kit is packed with everything you will
need to make your charm bracelet:
A chain, clasp, jump rings, headpins, vintage charms,
beads, and a collection of vintage and otherwise found objects
pre-punched and ready to be turned in to charms!
(OMgoodness! this is going to be such a great class!)

when you sign up for the class i will send you
a list of supplies
that you will need to bring (nothing too crazy :)

An add on kit with charms will be available to purchase.
It includes a vintage small skeleton key, license fob,
and a soldered domino for $12.

Space is limited to 12

Session Two:

Me & My Shadow Box with Jill

Inspired by our amazing friend, Ali,
Jill has designed a sweet shadow box
filled with little treasures & family memories...
Jill will provide a kit filled with gorgeous papers,
buttons, a gorgeous key
a vintage anagram letter representative of your last name
& other wonderful items...
seriously beautiful!

You will need to bring your own printers tray or shadow box–
is doesn’t matter how many slots or how big –

Then on Sunday you’ll get to hunt for other little items
that represent your family to put in other pockets of your shadow box.

(i loooove finding those cute little sweeties!)

Space is limited to 12

Grace us with your presence all afternoon & evening
as you stay for both sessions:

Register in the upper right hand corner...

The Creative Boutique will be open, too!
Always filled with awesome finds
& we will also be having a great sale
on scrapbooking supplies
(you don't want to miss this!)

Sunday will be our 3rd annual
field trip to the Coburg Antique Fair
& we are so excited to treasure hunt with you!

We will meet at our usual crazy vintage shopper time of 5am
with our coffee & flashlights :)

This is always such a fun bonding experience...
(5am can you not bond?)

We hope you'll round up a friend
& come play with us...
(or come alone & make some friends!)
we always love being inspired
& creating with you!

let me know if you have any questions

have a fabulous day!

saturday night sleep over!
thinking about going on the coburg field trip but
not sure if you can drag yourself out
of your warm bed that early sunday morning?
let us do it for you!
spend the night at jill's house
& we will all rise & shine together!
we will get ready,
get coffee,
get on the road
& get excited about what we will find!
there are a limited number of beds & then
we will start blowing up air mattresses...
so fun & sleepover-y!
& what a perfect way to make it a
full girlie, creative, weekend just for you!
(add $10 to sleep over)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

the bus doors are closed...

(image from

but the barn doors are still wide open!

barn house flea market
july 31
battleground washington

hope to see you there :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

crafting in the good old summertime...

hooray for summer!
(even though the weather is not cooperating
let's just pretend, shall we?)
we have a fun even planned later on in the month
when the sun will be out!
(it will be out, it will be out...)

Saturday June 26
talk, laugh, shop, eat some yummy treats
& do some summer crafting with creative friends!
come play with us...

Session One:
Vintage Garden Pot with Jill
(gorgeously pictured above)
$30 (all supplies are provided)

Jill's description:

Altering/embellishing a terra cotta flower pot with vintage items of all kinds. Music, ephemera, lace, millinery flowers, jewels, buttons, fabric, crepe paper, burlap, birds, nests – what ever your heart desires. Then wound with chicken wire!

Many vintage items will be provided, however if you have anything you’d like to use – please bring that along as well.

When complete, you’ll have a beautiful flower pot for flowers to decorate your home with.

More detailed list of what to bring will be provided once registration is received.

doesn't that sound so cute?
i love it!

Session Two:
summer mini book with emily
$30 (all supplies are provided)

create a mini scrapbook to put all of your summer adventures in
(sitting by the pool counts!).
places for pictures, spaces for words,
pockets for treasures...
we will include it all!
you get a kit full of fun papers
& embellishments...
i will teach some techniques
for making your mini books super cool :)
make your book
& then go fill it with fun!

stay all day & take both sessions $50
(with a 1 hour break for lunch & shopping :)

to register click on the paypal links
in the upper right hand corner...

besides the super fun classes
we are also so excited about the creative boutique!
as always it will be filled with vintage treasures,
paper art supplies & sweet handmade crafts...
& this time we are partnering with some other shops
for a summer vintage shop hop!

6 shops & cafe's filled with treasures, treats & fun!
check out the shop hop blog for more info on that...
a day of shopping, snacking & creativity?
hello bliss :)

it's going to be a sweet time!
we sure hope you can join us...

if you have any questions
please email me anytime:

hope to see you soon
whether crafting or shopping
(or both :)

have a grand day...
emily :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

calling all artists & crafters!

hi creative friends!

jill & i are busy planning a fun come play event for june 26
with classes & shopping galore!
we are also working with three other shops
to do a fun vintage shop hop on that day
where people can go from shop to shop
finding treats & treasures...
we are expecting lots of visitors to the creative boutique
& would love to have it filled with goodies!
if you are interested in selling your
artsie craftsie goodness in our shop
email me
& i will give you all of the information...

thanks, friends!
information about our classes will
arrive soon...


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

come play: cuppa fun

Join Jill for coffee. . . . . . and filters

Spring Wreath Project

Have you noticed that using coffee filters in art projects is all the rage ?

Join Jill on Saturday, April 17th to create this fun coffee filter wreath.

She’ll provide the wire, filters, ribbon, music and birds to create your one-of-a-kind spring wreath.

Although her sample is pink (no surprise there), the colors provided will depend on what YOU want.

Think spring. Yellow, purple, pink, green, blue . . . . .

(So if you sign up, be sure to e-mail her at

and tell her what you’d like, since all of the filters will need to be dyed before you get here)

  • Session #1: 9 am – 12 pm Coffee Filter Wreath ~ $30.00 (With Crop $45.00)

Dessert provided

  • Session #2: 2 pm – 5 pm Coffee Filter Wreath ~ $30.00 (With Crop $45.00)

Dessert provided

  • Session #3 – 5:30 pm – midnight. Crop the night away. $25.00 (Without having attended a class)

Dinner provided

Space will be limited to 12 for the crop, so sign up early !

Even though all filters will have already been dyed for your use to make your wreath (to save time),

Jill will demonstrate her method for dying coffee filters.

She’ll use coffee, dye, food coloring and anything else she thinks of before now and then.

She’ll also share her trick for getting them crispy and fluffy.

you can sign up by clicking on the drop down menu

on the side bar right over the there...

hope we get see you!

it's sure to be super fun :)

if you have any questions

please email me

So come on ~ what are you waiting for ?

And don’t worry, she’ll have coffee waiting for you too.