Wednesday, May 28, 2008

june playtime...

june 20 or 21
come to eugene
& play with a very special Cocoa Daisy kit
designed by our dear ali edwards
full of her favorite things...
she chose everything in this july kit
(that's right you'll be one of the first ones to get the july kit!)
& bonus!
you will also get a super cool
Tinkering Ink Peekabook Chipboard & Acrylic Album
that ali chose with a great mini book project in mind...
she will start off our time with some instructions
& then let you loose to start your own project
throughout the session we will
give tips & instructions on some new techniques
that you might like to try...

your playdate will also include
*a spacious place to play with your kit located
in jill's always adorably decorated home
*drawings for cool products
*the time to hang out with other creative kids like you!
too fun!

you will have plenty of time to shop through
the new creative boutique
full of great products at amazing prices...
tricia always brings loads of good stuff
& jill displays it so beautifully...
we are excited for it to have a room of it's own this time!

& while you are playing with all of the crafty goodness
you will be working up quite an appetite right?
i certainly hope so
because we've got some great food for you...
friday night & saturday afternoon our sweet helpers
will serve you homemade shortcake covered in local fresh fruit
& your choice of a lovely wine or fresh squeezed lemonade to go with it...
if you will be with us saturday morning you will find
a yummy egg casserole (vegetarian or meaty:)
& your choice of sangria, freshly squeezed orange juice or good good coffee
all served on jills awesome collection of vintage dishes

(i know! more! you can't believe it can you?)
you will also get to take home
full color instructions
of the ali designed project
& a goody bag full of great products!

here are the details

there are three sessions available
session one: friday june 20 6pm-9pm
session two: saturday june 21 9am-noon
session three: saturday june 21 2pm-5pm

each session will be exactly the same
(except for the food choices that i mentioned above)

the cost is $85
which includes
the cocoa daisy july kit
(a $42 value!)
tinkering ink album
great food
time to play
access to the creative boutique
(the products you choose there are added to your bill, of course:)
a goody bag
& lots of fun, naturally:)

email me
if you are interested
(& how could you not be interested?:)
or ready to sign up...

the sessions are first come first served
or in this case
first emailed first served:)

& if you know some other creative types
send them this link...
we always love to meet new artsy kids:)

i look forward to seeing some of you again
& meeting others that i have only heard about
(don't worry! it was all good!)

let's make art!


Beth Ann said...

You know if I didn't live all the way across the country in Ohio, I would be there! I love CocoaDaisy and Miss Ali E. too. I know everyone who attends will have a wonderful creative blast. Enjoy!!
Beth D.

Sharon said...

This sounds absolutely incredible. I wish I could come, but my company is celebrating its 125th anniversary on Saturday. I will hope to come another time. I hope you will do this again. As I would love to come up and explore Eugene.

Sharon, Oakland, CA

LittleRedHen said...

I clicked on "leave a comment," so that I could say that if I didn't live tons of miles away in Ohio, I'd love to sign up! And then I had to laugh when I read Beth D's comment! What an amazing opportunity for the fortunate people who live close enough to come. :-) Enjoy!

chubby cheeks said...

oh wow this sounds fantastic! but i live even further than Ohio! i'm in a totally different country, on a totally different continent!

just wanna ask, i'm organizing a crop party for some real scrapping beginners. we've got about 3-4 ppl coming... and your site inspired me! can i use some of the ideas pls? or would you happen to have any tips? =)


emilyruth said...

hi girls!
just wanted to let you know that we do have our next two playtimes in the works already
& i will be sharing details about those in the next few weeks & months
so come back & visit...
who knows?
maybe we will give something away someday too:)

have a lovely day...

Susan said...

I want to come and play!!! I sent you an email. Thanks, Susan

borcherding said...

I am so jealous that all of this fun stuff happens so far away from me!! Do you think you could somehow bring the party closer to Missouri?? :-) SO JEALOUS!!!

Maureen Reynolds said...

hmmm...airfare from Annapolis?? Sorry I'll be missing you playtimers but it sounds like somehthing fun to try and set up round here. Something I've been meaning to try out with a slightly different twist.

Erin Glee said...

Exactly! "How could you NOT be interested"? This sounds like a dream come true for this unemployed SAHM~I need a playdate!

Irene said...

O, yes I am interested, I'd love to play along, but ... there is a hurdle to take. Quiet a big one called the Atlantic Ocean. Have lots of fun everyone who is participating! :-)

Glynis said...

I would love to come join you. Emily, I just e-mailed you. Thank You! Glynis

Liz Harrell said...

Wish I could be there. Except I'm very far away...oh... and not very arty. But I could help with the sangria drinking! :)

rachel said...

Dang alive.
Missed this post until now.
And bummer of all bummers... I live in town!!
Next time.
I'll be watching.
and waiting.

Brenda said...

I found your site through Ali E's blog. I would have loved to be in on such a fun day and am full of regret... I even live nearby! Perhaps you could add my name to your contact list for the next one?! Thanks