Tuesday, June 24, 2008

come play june...

i have finally recovered from our june playtime
it was a nice thing to recover from
much better than pneumonia or something:)
what a blast we had
so many great girls!
so many fun projects!
so many things to buy!

i get to announce our raffle winner
becky troxil!
hooray becky!
she gets the whole passport collection from making memories
delivered to her door!
good stuff...

a few images from two of our sessions
(note to self: when organizing an event
full of artsy ladies
make sure the batteries in your camera are charged!
thankfully paula had a few pictures from friday
(thanks paula!)
we just didn't do a whole group shot...
sorry friday night girls!
the memories will live on in our hearts:)

in a nut shell...

saturday morning crew

saturday afternoon bunch...a weekend full of cuteness i tell you...

thanks, girls
for coming with excitement
being willing to try something new
& just being so darn fun:)

thanks to everyone involved in this little endeavor
(manufacturers, friends, families)
we are having fun trying new things
& learning along the way:)

& another big thank you to
everyone who drove (or flew)
out of your zip code to come play with us
we are honored that you would take time
to come over...

we have a new picture up there on the sidebar
aprons & all

come back soon...
i will be announcing all of the details
for our september come play time!
i am so excited for it
i can't wait to share!

see you soon...


jmbmommy said...

Cute cute kids!!! I mean ladies, you all look like you had fun and made fun stuff!

Becky said...

Hey you guys! Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the door prize from Jill...and I'm so thoroughly jazzed! Thanks so much! Please send my thanks to Making Memories for the Passport Collection! I had a wonderful time at the Play Day! Thanks for everything! I got my album done and it's on my blog!