Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sneak peek...

some great ephemera that jill has been preparing

& a super cool thing!
Making Memories has generously given us
a complete set of their passport collection
the collection that was the starting point for ali’s kit…
we will have a drawing & give the entire collection away this weekend!
everyone will be entered in the drawing one time
but if you were the reason that someone else attended the class
you will get another chance in the drawing!
i have all of the emails that i received from everyone
so if you mentioned someone else’s name
& they are coming too
you are entered in once twice or three times
(actually shelly, who friday night girls will get to play with, invited four people who are coming! plus she is attending
so she will have five chances to win!)
& even though we are coming up on the play time quick
there are still a few spots open for Saturday morning & Saturday afternoon
so let your friends know
& have them mention your name…
you could be rolling in the supplies very soon:)
(email me: emily@cocoadaisy.com)

see you all soon...

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