Friday, August 8, 2008

it's coming...

does anyone need a little time to be creative?
a little time to relax?
a little bit of new stuff?
a little time to hang out?
a little time to to play?

us too:)

we are working on one little detail right now
& when that is taken care of
we will post all of the information on our next
come play weekend
& it's going to be extra fun
(two days of fun even!)

so come back
& see us
& get all the details
& sign up
& come play!

ps. okay, i can't leave you with no info
cause that's just mean
so here's a little bit...
september 6
two sessions to choose from
september 7
antique & vintage treasure hunt
oh & the session fee includes
copy of someone's new book

are you ready yet?

1 comment:

jmbmommy said...

Sounds like exciting times!