Thursday, September 11, 2008

i have already read a few great blog posts about
the coburg antique fair
so instead of rewriting my own blog post
i'm just going to give you some links
then you can see many perspectives:)

if you want to see some more coburg fun
check these girls out...
ali edwards
on the road less traveled
life's rich pageant
pens & needles (love the name of this blog:)
i wonder sometimes...



jmbmommy said...

How did I get ahead of Ali on this list?? I think that I have finally arrived!!! :) You are cute!

Mariana said...

Hi. I don't understand where it's gonna be. I'm from Brazil and I am planning a trip to the USA...maybe that could be a great motivation! I just need to knw the city where it's gonna be...Thanx. Mariana

emily ruth said...

hi mariana!
we are in eugene, oregon
the closest large airport is in portland oregon
(though eugene does have an airport)
we are halfway between los angeles & seattle
it would be so fun if you could join us!
let me know if i can answer any more questions for you...